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Products Registered By Korpa

One of the advantages Korpa enjoys in the market is its regulatory department. For more than 25 years Korpa has been able to register a variety of products from different fields through knowledge and support acquired from its international partners. From API’s to finished products, the experience gained within these years has enabled Korpa to deal with twists and turns of product registration in this market. Using knowhow, experience and creativity has made Korpa one of the most trustworthy¬† and dynamic companies in regulatory affairs. Below you can find some of the products that have been registered by Korpa Company.


  • Product Name Active Ingredient
    Tylan Premix Tylosin Phosphate
    Pulmotil AC Tilmicosin
    Micotil Tilmicosin Inj.
    Elancoban 200 Monensin sodium
    Monteban Narasin
    Tylan 200 Tylosin Inj.
    Maxus Avilamycin
    Tylan Soluble Tylosin Tartrate
    Maxiban G160 Naracin + Nicarbazin
  • Product Name Active Ingredient
    Veteglan D-chloprostenol
    Roborante calier Calcium phosphoryl choline + Casein peptide + Vitamin B12
    Despadac Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride + Gluteraldehyde + Formaldehde
    Indigest Menbutone
    Promotor “L” Vitamin + Amino Acid


  • Product Name Active Ingredient
    Apistan Tau Fluvalinate
    Apiguard Thymol
  • Product Name Active Ingredient
    Hive Clean Organic Acids
  • Product Name Active Ingredient
    Toxfin Activated Clay
  • Product Name Active Ingredient
    Debello Glue Trap
    Bonirat Baits Difinacum Wax Block – Fresh Bait – Pellets
  • Product Name Company
    Vitamin E Indukern
    Lysine GAT
  • Product Name Company
    Ferromax (EDDHA) Green Ravena Italy
    NPK (9-9-9, 6-24-24, 43-0-0 Sulfur quoted) Simplot USA
    Round Up (Glyphosate) Monsanto
    Machete EN (Butachlor) Monsanto
    Rhizobium (Soybean Inoculant) Agrifuture